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/f create coolname - Create a Faction with the name "Coolname"
/f claim - Claims a chunk/land for your faction, protecting it from grief from others if your faction isn't vulnerable.
/f map - Show a map in chat of chunks around you and if they're claimed by factions.

Every player in a faction gives it 10 power
Every death costs 3 power to the faction.
If the faction drops below 25% power total, it becomes vulnerable, which means even protected chunks/land can be GRIEFED BY OTHERS(!!) Until the power rises above 25%.
Power regenerates over time.


/em guild - Level up your guild level, which means you can get better gear, quests and are overall stronger!
/em shop - Check the EliteMobs shop!
/em quest - Get a Quest from EliteMobs
EliteMobs is a plugin added to DO to improve the end-game for players, creating a new goal.
It creates 'boss' mobs that have randomized abilities and could attack at any time, they drop unique customized loot just for you.
DO has disabled the Flamethrower enchantment due to anticheat conflicts.